2021: Links for Looking Back

The majority of my time is dedicated to serving my wife, children, and church family. Preaching, shepherding, and leading the saints of Hermon Baptist is the true and important work of my life. I’m grateful to have finished preaching 1 Peter at the turn of this year and preached through all of Galatians. I also preached a number shorter, thematic series: Salvation Stories (conversion stories of Saul, Lydia, Ethiopian Eunuch, and the Philippian Jailer), God’s Good Design (Gender, Sexuality, Marriage, Singleness, and Friendship), and The Christ of Christmas (Eternal Son, Incarnate Son, Crucified Son, and Resurrected/Ascended Son).

Outside of my primary responsibilities, I was blessed to have some preaching and writing opportunities.

Preaching: Revival at First Baptist Church, Metropolis.

Message 1: Standing in the Strength of Christ

Message 2: The Armor of God, Part 1

Message 3: The Armor of God, Part 2

Message 4: Prayer for Warfare


I’m grateful to TGC for publishing this brief piece on ministering to elderly saints, 4 Ways Young Pastors Can Love Elderly Saints.

The Center for Preaching and Pastoral Leadership was gracious enough to publish some thoughts about Pastoral Ministry and Persons with Disabilities.

I trust the Spirit has used these labors to exalt God’s glory in Christ and edify Christ’s church.