Mother’s Day Reflection

Mother’s Day is a special time to reflect on the women in our lives who have loved, cared for, and raised us. For many of us, today is a joyous day that leads us to celebrate.

Today some will celebrate their aging mothers whom they love dearly, knowing there is little time left to do so.

Today some will celebrate their bride as husbands watch their wives love and care for their children.

Today young ones will be filled with joy as they look up to the women they are dependent on, but whom also are a source of fun, strength, and encouragement.

All of this is right and good. If you’re a mother this morning you are deeply loved here at Hermon. We celebrate with you and rejoice at the blessing that you are not only to your children, but also to our church.

Mother’s Day can also be a very hard day.

Today mothers will grieve the loss of children gone too soon.

Today mothers will be torn as their children celebrate them, because they wish they could celebrate like a child once again with their mothers who are not here.

Today women who have longed for motherhood will feel the weight of this day as grief, perhaps asking why?

Today some will be saddened because their mother was never a mom and the memories are far from memorable.

Today women who have walked the call to singleness with faithfulness will be reminded that they are not a wife or a mother, although perhaps they once wished to be.

The daily Christian life, brothers and sisters, requires that we share the joy of our family when they rejoice and that we share the grief of our family when they grieve.

So with a unified voice we rejoice and praise God for the mothers in the room and we grieve with those who will grieve today.

Here at Hermon Baptist Church, if you’re a woman this morning—you are deeply, deeply loved.