Family and Friends,

The decision to move to Wake Forest and attend Southeastern was a difficult one. We chose to come here largely because of the seminary’s focus on the Great Commission. Kelsey and I both realized we needed the Lord to work on our hearts in this area specifically. Thus, I am encouraged to inform you that I will be going to Malaysia May 16th-28th. This will be my first international mission trip and I am very excited!

I would like to ask that you please be in prayer for me as I go. It is my genuine concern that I would be able to love the people I meet and bring the gospel to them. However, I am also praying that the Lord will do a work in me. I hope I come back with more love for those who don’t know Christ and a stronger desire to get the gospel to them.

As I am sure you are aware, international trips of this nature can be expensive. Primarily, I am in great need of your prayers as I go. However, if you are able- I will be greatly blessed by your support. Unfortunately, because of my late sign up I have limited time to raise the rest of the funds. Any help you can give will be much appreciated. Above all, pray that God is glorified as we go to Malaysia.

If you would like to bless me in giving you can do so at

Simply clink on the right-side box “Give to Missions.” Once you do so, enter that you heard about the SE Asia trip from me. Thanks 🙂

In Christ,

Nathaniel R. Martin

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